56 types of praline, from the discreet to the intense

Tartufo  - Pralines & TruffelsFor utterly delicious, home-made pralines in Leuven, you absolutely have to come and visit Chocolaterie Tartufo and shop.

Unique flavour palette

The wonderful aroma of chocolate surrounds you as soon as you enter our charming shop. Business-owner Philip Benoit makes all of his pralines and truffles in his own workshop. He uses nothing but dark chocolate, albeit in various varieties, ranging from gentle to more intense.

Philip also finishes off his Luxe assortment of pralines with genuine gold sprinkles to bring his pralines fully into their own.

Come and visit us

If you enjoy an elegant, discreet flavour or perhaps prefer a stronger variant, then you are certain to find your favourite among the range of 56 different types of praline and 12 types of truffle at Chocolaterie Tartufo.
Come and discover the range for yourself.


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